typographic investigation

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for this dissertation my dissertation original  I want to carry out research about the topic of advertising and typography after proposal presentation there were a number of question, which arose , such as what part of advertising would I be interested in investigating as advertise upon research seems to carry a number of vast areas which would take allot more than ten thousand words.

after this feedback my personal interest in the typographic aspect of   advertising design  seems to have became more and more apparent as I notice it was play a vital part of design so I decided to carry out and investigation on how typography affect its viewers.

whilst doing some research into typographic layouts  it became very apparent that not all typographers today follow the rules  that we created for typography  but used mostly eyes and feelings, this then let me into a very interesting topic  about what exactly do designers use in order to create these designs ,, not only but also what bearing these typographic layouts have on our emotions if any bearing at all,.


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